White Wash Doors Get New Look in Anaheim Hills

White Wash Doors in Anaheim Hills are Transformed

Location – Anaheim Hills
How did they find me? Online at Pro Restorers
This was a special project – one that I typically do not do, but made an exception for.
My clients in Anaheim Hills needed some help with their front doors. The doors were originally white washed and someone tried to refinish them a few years ago. The doors were basically sanded a layer off but didn’t get them completely clean. So they just glazed the whole door and virtually tried to cover up imperfections. In doing that, they sacrificed the beauty of the wood. It offered very little protection to the sun and rain. The following photos are the result:
old doors
Chemical stripper applied. You don’t want to get this on your skin!
stripped chemical applied
Left side is completely stripped and the right side is still in its old state.
refinish door
Both stripped clean…
After sanding, I applied a custom stain color:
IMG_0013 IMG_0014
The great thing about my services is that I offer custom staining. My clients chose a shade that would match their interior perfectly. There’s also the option to chose a custom color for something new – anything from dark to natural (even purple if you’re feeling spicy!)
custom stain
First coat to seal the door and reveal the color. This is a long process that requires special technique. It must dry over night because it is a two part catalyzed oil-base finish. (Oil base is arguably better quality than water base.) After this, the doors will get sanded smooth and color adjusted as necessary.
Glamour shot!
IMG_0064 IMG_0069
final doors

Ed Arthur