Before and After Photos

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These Douglas Fir doors needed refinishing badly!

Doors by Invision stained and refinished the doors with refinished hardware also.

Badly damagedDSC_0716

Beautiful Kamani wood doors. Varnished originally by a “painter.”

This Honduran Mahogany door was originally finished in water based material that didn’t last. 

Thankfully Doors by Invision’s refinishing services transformed this door to look brand new.

These doors were coated multiple times with spar varnish. With the sun exposure there was no way it was going to survive!


Now, with the right technique, this beautiful finish will last years and years!

This lovely set of 8′ Honduran mahogany doors had been neglected for many years. 

With proper finishing techniques, Doors by Invision made this homeowner very happy.

Another set of beautiful mahogany doors that someone tried to refinish themselves! Warning: Do not try to refinish yourself without any experience.

Allow Doors by Invision to refinish correctly and thoroughly!

Before: Lots of sun damage

After: Refinished better than original!

Beautiful teak entry doors.

“Golden Oak” with new refinishing.

Before: A badly weathered, inexpensive set of condo doors.

After: The refinishing will make sure they’ll last for many years to come!

refinished doors by Invision


faded door
Intense afternoon sun faded the entire door and broke the finish down over the years.
It was was refinished using a two part polyurethane coating for extreme UV protection and longevity.


This Mahogany entry door in Newport Beach had been “refinished “a couple of years ago!
Click anywhere on this door for a close-up. This is the way Honduran mahogany should look!