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InVision Finishing was established in 1970 by owner Ed Arthur.

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Passed down from generations, my artistic side stems from both my grandmothers. On my mom’s side, my grandmother was a well-known interior designer in Los Angeles, (one of her favorite clients was Ella Fitzgerald). My mother followed suit as an interior designer as well, so naturally I grew up exposed to the trade. My dad’s mom was an antiques dealer in Calabasas in the 50’s. I’ve been a self employed wood finisher my entire working adult life. Before I started refinishing entry doors exclusively, I’ve enjoyed perfecting a wide variety of finishing methods and interesting projects. From refinishing existing kitchen cabinets and antique furniture to finishing entire custom homes from Beverly Hills to O.C. From faux finishes to piano finishes. Check out some of the pieces here.


How it All Began

In the seventies (after a tour of duty in Vietnam) I began my journey to learn the art of refinishing furniture. After a couple of years, I joined with Bix furniture stripping shop in Whittier to create a stripping and refinishing shop for many years. My business took a turn toward kitchens and I quickly transitioned from the shop to a complete mobile business, which I still operate today (no shop). I began to specialize in applying what I knew with fine furniture to refinishing kitchens throughout most of the 80’s. In the 90’s I began to take on more diverse, new projects. Specializing in new kitchens and built-in entertainment units and custom pieces of furniture with complex finishes like “piano” finishes, crackle, faux stone, marble and the like. For a while I worked extensively in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas until I couldn’t stand the drive from Irvine and determined there is just too much work near me – “why drive?” Overall, I’ve always worked alone (too much of a perfectionist) and I just work on one job at a time. I enjoy communicating with my clients to achieve the results they are going to be thrilled with and will be happy to recommend my work to others (I’ve never advertised).

Where I am Today

Today there is such a huge need for quality work applied to restoring entry doors. So many people have either neglected their doors or have tried “band aid” methods that just haven’t held up. Your stained exterior doors are the one thing on your home that needs to be kept up. Unlike paint, the materials in stains and finishes cannot be left without care for many years without serious degradation.

I specialize in front doors now because there is such a huge void of quality craftsmen. So many folks come to me discouraged with their experiences with handymen, painters or even their attempts at DIY so I always aim to deliver exactly what they were hoping for in the first place. I’m not as cheap as those others but my aim is to produce a product with the beauty of fine furniture with the durability of a boat! Drawing on 50+ years of experience I can do just that!

Just for fun, heres a few doors I’ve done for your reference.

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