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Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Ed was great to work with.

He shows up when he says he will.

He has an incredible array of special tools and materials at his disposal. He is a real artist and did a beautiful job.

Thank you so much!

Check out the before and after below.

Marianne Luna


Responsiveness and Value

“Ed is a true craftsman with wooden doors. In just a few days, he restored my badly sun and weather damaged front doors to all their original beauty. They were in such poor condition that I didn’t think that could be done. He was thorough and meticulous, carefully ensuring every joint was filled and sealed, and the restored finish is rich and beautiful. I also appreciated that Ed went out of his way to accommodate my scheduling needs, ensure the job went smoothly and didn’t disrupt our lives, and share ideas about ways to minimize future damage. He was a delight to work with and very professional. I would give him my highest recommendation.”

Robert Holcomb

Ed is a 5 Star Artisan

“InVision IS Ed Arthur. His work is extraordinary in every respect. Some may think that a finisher is just a finisher, but Ed is an artist, an artist who can transform virtually any wood product into a finished work of art. Ed worked in our home on multiple projects and I got to know him well. Beyond his technical skills, he is a great guy and a total joy to work with. We all know that it’s not always easy having work done in our homes and businesses, but working with Ed Arthur is like working with a family member. If you are contemplating a project and want to feel confident about your selection of a skilled finisher, add Ed to your team. He is a 5-star artisan.”

Doors by Invision Helps DIYer Finish his Project

“Ed is in high demand, but worth the wait. We have a mahogany door that I’d done the original finishing on around 10 years ago. I’m no pro, but I got some detailed instructions from the contractor that did the installation and spent a few weeks making sure I did everything right. Being busy and recalling how much time it took the first time around I decided to look for a pro to give me an estimate on getting it redone this time. Ed got an estimate to me quickly based on photos and dimensions. I let him know I was still thinking of attempting the job myself having gone solo the first time around. He helpfully pointed out that the stripper needed to do the job right isn’t available to the general public and offered to just handle the stripping part of the job at a much lower cost. We went that route, and I’m very happy with the results. I ran into some issues with the varnish picking up some of the stain due to being a little impatient waiting for it to dry, and Ed was quick to respond to my texts with advice on fixing it. His advice worked out perfectly and the finished door looks great. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

John Hester

Ed is Truly an Artist

“Ed Arthur, Doors by Invision recently completed the restoration of our front doors and we couldn’t be happier. He took the job personally and made an “over-the-top” effort to ensure the doors were not only refinished perfectly, but done in a way that made us 100% happy and satisfied with the quality of his work throughout the process, as well as with the end product. Ed can’t just be described as a refinisher or painter, he is truly an artist at work. Our front doors are a main feature of our “new” home that was originally constructed in 1951, so we wanted to preserve them in order to retain the character of the house. We found Ed through our research and feel very fortunate and lucky that we did. We would never hesitate to recommend Ed for any similar project.”

Steve Rudometkin

doors yelp review


Ed restored our doors beautifully

“I really thought our only option was to throw our door away.  They were broken when someone tried to break into our home, and because of the custom weird size they had to be special ordered, and with Covid that was 3ish months away, so I called Ed and sent him photos.  

Ed worked really hard on our doors, he’s super nice, and he always left his work space tidy at the end of the work day.  

Now we have stunning doors and we feel really good about having saved the old ones.  I mismatched the door knobs by accident (actually Ace Hardware did) so ignore the funny knobs, I am exchanging soon!”

Lizz F. Mission Viejo, CA 8/16/2020

Ed is a master artist!

“He brought out the beauty of our front door after many  years of neglect.  He came to our house after we had our handyman try to refinish our door but instead botched it.  Ed was confident that he could restore it’s natural beauty. He started on Monday and finished on Friday!  His job was truly magnificent.  Ed knows and loves what he does and he takes pride in his work.  He is also such a delight to get to know.  We miss seeing him in our home.  Thank you Ed”

Dorothy K.


Orange, CA



The Door Looks Brand New!

Westminster door refinishing

My mahogany front door was in desperate need of repair after years of sun damage.  After talking to several companies I was ready to just paint the door.  Luckily I found Ed on Yelp.  I emailed him some pictures of the doors and he sent me an estimate.

The door looks brand new now and the color matches perfectly to the inside of the door.  I would highly recommend Ed.

Jason W.
Westminster, CA
5.0 star rating

“I am so pleased! Ed’s work is always excellent.”

Doors By Invision - Irvine, CA,

Ed did all of the wood finishing on our custom home 10 years ago, and comes back periodically when we remodel or need touch ups. His work is always excellent. He leaves everything looking better than how he found it. He has painted amazing faux surfaces to match real onyx wall panels. He has finished victorian bead board wood walls, molded resin baseboards and custom carved crown moldings. He has painted electric switch plates, speaker covers and vents to match real wood and marble. He did a custom tea stain in our country french kitchen. I wish everyone we hired was as conscientious and careful and creative as ED is. I would recommend him to the pickiest customer without hesitation. I am so pleased to refer him that I am also sending pictures of his work for all to appreciate.

Christianne B.
San Juan Capistrano, CA
5.0 star rating

“Our double doors look as good as new.”

Anaheim door refinishing

My fiancé and I were considering buying new front doors since our front doors had a lot of weather damage from the sun and rain. We actually got a couple front door replacement estimates which would have cost us so much money to replace our double front entrance doors and these companies even commented on how beautiful our current doors were. When I called Ed he was very pleasant and personable to talk to. Looking at his work online, my fiancé and I were sold on having Ed refinish our doors. After all was said and done Ed did an amazing job and made our double doors look as good as new. Better yet, we saved so much money not having to replace our doors. I would recommend Ed to everyone. He truly takes pride in his work. Thanks Ed!

Stephanie S.
Anaheim, CA
5 Star Review

“We had Ed come out to refinished our badly weathered front doors. He is truly a craftsman and we couldn’t be more pleased with the new look of our doors. There may be a slight waitlist, but I assure you that the outcome of the project will be well worth the wait!”

Theresa O. | Dana Point, CA 4/29/2021


“My oak front door and sidelights needed to be re-finished, actually totally stripped down to the bare wood which had never been done since it was installed in 1992. I had it superficially redone but not like it should have been done. After contacting several refinishing people I was told it would take two days. I knew this was not the total strip down. I am so thankful I found Ed Arthur of Doors By Invision. It took five days from prep to putting the hardware back on but it is done right and my door looks better than it did new.

Thank you, Ed”

Huntington Beach, CA
5.0 star rating

“Our front door was completed by Ed today and it looks fantastic. The door is mahogany and had been worn by the sun over the years and was in dire need of refinishing. I shopped around for a new door, and with other refinishing companies, and I am extremely pleased we made the investment in Doors by Invision.

Ed is a perfectionist, reliable, knowledgeable of his craft, and I would highly recommend him for any refinishing project.”

Charley Harrison
Orange, CA.

“Ed just refinishing my teak entry door and sidelights. These doors have hand carvings on them and were made for me over 20 years ago. Obviously, they were expensive, so I really wanted someone who knew what they were doing. Ed was the guy. One really doesn’t know how good someone is until they try them. Ed came with good credentials, but, you can never really know. I am writing this review, because I would like everyone that is thinking of using Ed, to rest assured that he will do a outstanding job. This man is very detailed and particular about his work. I do woodworking, but finishing is a whole other art. It takes years to know stains and finishes as well as knowing how various woods react to stains and finishes. Teak is particular tricky to get the same color after it has been stained once. Different tones come up and in order to match the original color, it takes some skill and know how to achieve the perfect finish. Ed did all that and more. I am super pleased with the finished product. Anyone can sand and stain, but it won’t last. There are several stages in the process and to get a proper finish, all the steps must be taken if you want a lasting job. I had a finish that lasted me 20 years, and I know that Ed’s job is equal to the original. He won’t do it in a day, but he WILL do it right.”

Ken H.
Yorba Linda, CA
5.0 star rating

“Ed did a great job repairing the iron gate in front of my house. I highly recommend him.”

Richard W.
Tampa, FL
5.0 star rating

“As a real estate agent, I need to make sure my clients are well taken care of and so I have carefully allied myself with great contractors and service people over the years. I recently had a client who needed an iron entry gate partially refinished; the original finish was poorly done and was flaking off in several places. I have known Ed for many years and was the first person I thought of to tackle the tough job.

Ed’s approach to his projects is thorough and everything you would hope for. He approached the project with questions, took photos, took actual samples of the finish, visited the paint store, reconstructed the finish by working up the matching finish on a board and then went to work. I can tell you from experience, most finishers just start working without doing the research.

This was not a big project for Ed and while I’m sure he would agree it wasn’t a highlight of his career, he pulled it off perfectly and my client was very satisfied with the results. That makes me happy.

I’ll continue to refer Ed out for new & re-finish work as often as possible.

Thanks again, Ed!!”

Jesse B.
Coto De Caza, CA
5.0 star rating

“Ed did a TREMENDOUS makeover of my two front doors, which were in dire need of refinishing. He patiently and respectfully discussed over the phone with me the pros and cons of refinishing the doors myself or buying two new doors, as well as what to do with restoring the hardware. In a short time, I felt comfortable and confident in my decision to have him take care of the refinishing and possibly extend the life of these doors–which I’m sure it will.


If you look at the before and after pictures (see photos titled “Dec 2011 – Doors”) I’m sure you will agree that Ed did an unbelievably outstanding job. The resulting doors look as if they are new! My doors were faded, moldy, warped and cracked…he dealt with all of those problems effectively and in a timely manner.

His workmanship is impeccable, and his professionalism is genuine. It is great to know we have a true craftsman living in our neighborhood that we can trust. Without a doubt, I recommend Ed to anyone who needs quality wood refinishing. It is a worthwhile investment to go with Doors By Invision.”

Janet P.

Irvine, CA
5.0 star rating

“I am an Interior designer and very particular about my home. I can say without hesitation that Ed does incredible work. He stained my new mahogany craftsman door and it is absolutely gorgeous. We are constantly getting compliments on it. He has also refinished other pieces of furniture in our home with the same quality. He’s a perfectionist and it shows! I highly recommend him.”

Patty Metcalf Design
Fullerton, CA

“We were looking into replacing our sun damaged front entry doors.  To replace our entry doors would have costs $9,000 to $10,000 so instead we looked into finding someone to refinish the doors. Ed did a great job of refinishing the doors.  Now the outside looks brand new, and the costs was only 25% of a brand new door.  Ed completed the job in 5 days and was very detailed with his work. He also did a good job of preventing dust getting into the house.  His quality of work is excellent.”

Dave C.
Santa Ana, CA
5.0 Star Review

“Doors by Invision did an amazing job restoring our front door to better than new.  Ed of Doors by Invision made it a work of art that will make a wonderful impression to anyone that comes to our front door.  It is also a door our family can admire for a long time. Ed was extremely professional, hardworking, and friendly.  He emanates professionalism and expertise.”

Paul S.

Laguna Niguel

Michael G.

Aaron N.


“Our double oak front doors and sidelights were in terrible shape. The finish was completely worn out and in serious need of repair. Fortunately we found Ed on yelp. I sent him pictures and spoke with a couple of times on the phone. He stripped/sanded the old finish down to raw wood, stained and then applied multiple coats of finish to both the exterior and interior of the doors. The job turned out fantastic. Very high quality craftsmanship. Ed is very meticulous and conscientious in his craft. We highly recommend him!”
Trena M.



“I write this review as my first on Yelp, because as a person who has done wood working and refinishing my-self for over 25 years, Ed Auther is without any doubt an Artist in his ability to restore wood and finishing. The pictures of my front doors, before and after may show you what no words can convey.
I truly believe there is no other person with his talent.
Five stars are not enough to rate his work.”

Jim S. Whittier | 11/24/2019